Portrait of a Kickboxer: Arkadiusz Wrzosek
The man that fought the fight of his life against “Badr Hari” and won on the 4th of September 2021. It was truly an honor to meet you.

My friend and the best coach in the world “Nick Hemmers” is currently training Arek at the best gym in the world the
“Hemmers Gym”.

I have noticed that after many years of touring the world. My health got extremely bad and my mind as well. Because of that I couldn’t find the energy to be creative or create the things that I loved the most
“ supercool videos “.
All these things resulted in a weird depression and vibe that I couldn’t get out of.

When I met Nick Hemmers he convinced me to start a kickboxing group with my friends and train at his gym. None of us had done it before and we didn’t knew what to expect.
Now after 4 months of training it has become a thing that has connected us more as friends and has given us a new passion in life.

This beautiful sport has reawakened my creative spirit. This video is one of the many inspiring and cool things that is a result of practicing this amazing sport.

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